1-on-1 Training

I customize each workout session according to your fitness goals and any injuries you may have, aiming for every workout to be fun, motivating and a supportive push. Some of my clients train once a month, and many of my clients see me each week. Every training session is unique and my clients are drawn to my attentive, friendly, feminist approach.

small group sessions

Find a fitness buddy or two, with similar fitness goals to train with. It can be more dynamic, uplifting and economical to train this way. Pumping iron with a friend or partner will give you that extra push you need to help keep you motivated.

PWYC outdoor classes

Check my Facebook page for upcoming outdoor group classes. I offer both beginner and more experienced classes. These pay-what-you-can workouts have a great community feel. Come workout in the park, in a queer and trans positive environment!