Karine Silverwoman

Personal trainer for individuals and couples of all genders based in Toronto, Ontario. Passionate about supporting clients to realize their strength and full potential.

I am a certified Can Fit Pro Trainer and have been a personal trainer for 7 years. I have a unique approach to physical training that takes into consideration the connection between mind, body and emotions. My professional background as a social worker and therapist and my personal experience as a queer woman and new mom enhances my perspective as a personal trainer. 

My home gym in Toronto’s west end is an ideal place for people to work out and achieve their goals. There can be a lot of intimidation and body-shame that is often associated with fitness and gyms. I start from where the client is at to develop a practice that supports their sense of well-being and strength.

I train individuals, as well as pairs and groups. I have been working out for 15 years and love many types of physical activities including weightlifting, rock climbing, running, boxing, dance and yoga. As a trainer my main areas of focus are on weight training for all skill levels, using body weight and plyometric workouts. I aim to help people gain stamina, strength and proper form. I have trained people who are just getting into fitness and working out as well as several firefighters working to pass their physical tests.

If you are ready to get your butt kicked in a gentle, supportive way...
I am ready to train you